City Manager's Office

What We Do

The City Manager’s Office is at the center of Village operations. It is unique because it is responsible for the design, implementation and oversight of all programs necessary to meet the City Council’s mission, commitment to residents, and community values.  

The City Manager’s office sets the standard for the Village organization to provide quality service to the public. It also provides the executive management, leadership, guidance, and support for the Village government, and oversees the Village’s image and reputation.

View the Cherry Hills Village Mission Statement (PDF).

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The Center of City Operations

Thank you for visiting the City of Cherry Hills Village’s website. This is a guide to virtually everything you’ll want to know about Cherry Hills Village, Colorado. This is where you’ll find information on City Council and local government, special events, our parks and trails system, and licenses and permits.

Exceptional Quality of Life

Cherry Hills Village is an established, affluent community with strong neighborhoods and community values. It is known for its high quality of life, a green environment, and its commitment to regional efforts to improve the level of intergovernmental cooperation and the overall quality of life within the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area.  

Commitment to Community

Cherry Hills Village residents have a strong sense of community and a long tradition of public service. We have several very active resident commissions, including the Board of Adjustment and Appeals, the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission, and the Public Art Commission.

An Idyllic Setting to Call Home

Our 6,000 residents enjoy a unique rural setting within a major metropolitan area with mountain views, more than 34 miles of trails, the High Line Canal, 47 acres of parks and open space, two world class golf courses, an active public arts program and three schools.

Dedication to People, Safety, & Well-Being

Our Village has one of the finest police departments in the region and a very low crime rate. We also have a very dedicated group of employees. Within the Village, our people are our number one asset. Our residents are the reason we strive every day to create a community that is beautiful, enjoyable, service-oriented, responsive and safe.