Street Improvement Projects

Call the Public Works Department at 303-783-2744 for information about street improvement projects.

Holly Belleview Traffic Signals

The City of Greenwood Village is working with CDOT to improve the appearance of the traffic signals at the intersection of Belleview Avenue and Holly Street.  The project consists of removing the existing "span wire" traffic signal poles and installing"standard' traffic signal poles.  These poles will have a similar appearance to the Belleview/University traffic signal but will be painted brown.  Sturgeon Electric is the contractor and will be working in two phases.  The first phase will install all of the underground components of the project including the foundations for the traffic signal poles.  Once the new poles arrive, Sturgeon will return and install the new poles and finally remove the old traffic signal.

There will be temporary lane closures as Sturgeon installs the new traffic signal.  The closures are limited to 9:00 am to 3:00 pm per CDOT requirements.  Later in the year, while installing the new traffic signal poles work will be completed at night.

For questions about the project please call the City of Greenwood Village Public Works Department 303-708-6100.