Art Shows

Current Show

A View from the Village Art Show

The current art show at City Hall is "A View from the Village" by resident artist Susan Cooper. Cooper, an internationally known artist, with a prolific career in public art, creates from her studio in Old Cherry Hills. A reception was held in December 2019. The show will run through summer 2020.

Upcoming Shows

Colorado Through the Lens - Crier May 2020

Past Shows

  • Art Show: Inca Street Artists
    Dates: October - November 2013
  • Art Show: Peter Roosevelt
    Dates: November - December 2013
  • Art Show: John Douthit
    Dates: February - March 2014
  • Art Show: Sherry Helmstaedter
    Dates: April - May 2014
  • Art Show: Paul Colburn
    Dates: June - August 2014
  • Art Show: Jane Mahoney
    Dates: September - December 2014
  • Art Show: Desmond O’Hagan
    Dates: January - April 2015
  • Art Show: Bette MacDonald
    Dates: September - October 2015
  • Art Show: Elaine Asarch
    Dates: November - December 2015

Apply to display your art by completing the Art Show Application (PDF) and returning it to City Clerk Laura Gillespie at the Village Center, 2450 East Quincy Avenue. For more information about art shows/displays contact City Clerk Laura Gillespie (email) at 303-783-2732.