Tipi Raisers - Lakota Ride 

In past years, the Lakota Ride passed through Cherry Hills Village, with a stop in John Meade Park. For 2022, the event will be an Indigenous Wisdom Summit & Four Directions Ride. On July 16th, 2022, the day's ride will depart from John Meade Park at 8am. The event is open to the public, and you may also visit the riders in Sedalia each day at the end of the ride. From the Tipi Raiser’s website

"Come to our Tipi Village in Sedalia, CO for the Indigenous Wisdom Summit & Four Directions Ride! Welcome Riders with a drum ceremony as they arrive from the Four Directions, sample traditional foods, purchase Tribal art and jewelry and stay for cultural presentations and intimate dialogues across cultures.

Ancient civilizations around the world have long held the Four Directions sacred. An Earth-based belief system that has provided guidance and protection, the Four Directions has been known to represent the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical aspects of human life as well as the developmental life stages, the four seasons and the elements of nature. In Indigenous cultures across the globe, the Four Directions are still regarded as sacred and incorporated into prayer, ceremony and way of life.

Riders include Tribal members from reservations representing the four cardinal directions as well as honorary riders by invitation only. The public is invited to greet the riders and stay for 
scheduled events. Each event lasts approximately 2 - 4 hours, but participants are welcome to come and go as their schedule dictates"

Stories about past annual rides are linked below: 

News story from Fox31: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHrWD6xuADE

Here is a story KGNU did on the Ride: https://www.kgnu.org/metro/6/19/2018

Here is a story that 9News did on the Ride three years ago: https://www.9news.com/article/news/local/storytellers/journey-to-pine-ridge/313500218

Questions about this event can be directed to Emily Black, Parks and Recreation Coordinator, at eblack@cherryhillsvillage.com