Cellular and Broadband Surveys

Background Information

During the recent Master Plan process, the City heard from residents that the lack of reliable cellphone coverage is a major concern.   Because the cellphone networks depend on broadband infrastructure to operate, the City is also seeking your input on these services in order to gain a better understanding of the existing network.    

If you have any questions please contact Jay Goldie, Public Works Director for Cherry Hills Village.   He can be reached at jgoldie@cherryhillsvillage.com or 303-783-2731.  

Cellular and Broadband Coverage Surveys 

Two surveys were available through the City's website during the month of July so that residents could report issues with cell and broadband coverage specific to their area. The surveys are now closed and the findings are available below: 

Open House August 23rd

On Wednesday August 23 at 6:00pm the City hosted an in-person meeting for residents at City Hall (2450 East Quincy Avenue).  City staff along with representatives from HR Green, the City’s consultant that is conducting the Cell Coverage/Broadband Study, were available to gather more input from residents, answer questions, and provide some insight into the challenges of improving cell coverage within the City.