When I come to court, what do I do?

You will need to check in with the Bailiff. You will be given a written copy of your Advisements of Rights. You will meet with the Prosecuting Attorney to discuss the charge against you, and after that the Judge will call each person to the podium individually in the order you checked in with the Bailiff.

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1. When I come to court, what do I do?
2. Should I accept a plea or go to trial?
3. How do a I get a copy of an accident report?
4. If I want to go to trial, do I have to come back?
5. Can I bring my children to court?
6. Will I have a jury trial?
7. How long does court usually last?
8. How much will my fine be?
9. What methods of payment are accepted?
10. What happens if I can’t pay my fine?
11. What will happen if I don’t appear in court or pay my fine?