Animal Control

The Cherry Hills Village Animal Control Division's goal is to promote and protect the health, safety and welfare of people and pets. Our philosophy is to promote responsible pet ownership, compassion toward animals and safe human-animal interactions.
Animal control responds to a variety of citizen requests for service and enforces all of the City Codes regarding animals. Some of the services provided include, but are not limited to, the following: leash law enforcement, loose dogs, barking dog complaints, dog licensing, aggressive/dangerous dog complaints, dog bites, wildlife concerns, calls regarding injured or sick animals, investigating animal neglect/cruelty, and dead animal pick-up on public property.
Should you have a lost or found pet, please contact the Cherry Hills Police Department at 303-761-8711. The Animal Control Officer's hours vary, but Police Officers can respond to emergency calls after hours. Should you have any other animal related questions, please contact the Cherry Hills Police Department at 303-761-8711.
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Common Animal Code Violations

Please take a moment to review the common animal code violations to make sure that your activities are not in violation. Municipal summons are issued for violations. You can view these regulations in the Municipal Code by clicking here.

  1. Dog Licensing - Section 7-5-310
  2. Dog at Large - Section 7-5-330
  3. Dog off Leash - Section 7-5-330
  4. Barking Dogs - Section 7-5-340(a)
  5. Aggressive Dogs - Section 7-5-340(b)

Animal Control Links

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