Parks and Trails Map

The City is pleased to announce the unveiling of its new Parks and Trail Map! The map was created to provide general reference to public trails, parks and recreation amenities located within the City. The information contained in the map was collected from various outside sources and data. Although the City has taken every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of information, the City cannot be responsible for consequences resulting from omissions or errors, including but not limited to accuracy of property lines, easements, etc. We welcome suggestions or correction from users for possible inclusion. The map can be accessed by clicking here.


Wildlife Spotting Feature

The map contains a wildlife spotting feature that allows users to identify unique and interesting sightings. Recommended sightings include birds of prey, coyotes, foxes, deer, amphibians, endangered species, etc. Follow the instructions below to use the wildlife spotting feature:
1. Access the map. This can be done by selecting the link above or by scanning the QR code found on City signage.
2. Click the  button to use the GPS on your device to locate yourself on the map. 
3. After locating yourself, click the  button to bring up the wildlife spotting feature.
4. Once open, click New Feature and select the location on the map where you would like to place the wildlife spotting report.
5. Next simply fill in any relevant notes and click Choose File to add a photograph.
6. Once done, click the Close button. You can also click the Delete button if you do not want to submit your report.
7. Once you have clicked Close, the report will be submitted to City staff for review. Once the City staff has reviewed and approved your report, it will be visible to all users on the map!

Click on the link below for a PDF version of the map.  Copies of the map may be picked up free of charge at the Village Center during regular business hours.

Parks and Trails Map.pdf