Police Frequently Asked Questions

Traffic Accidents

(Q) How do I get a copy of a traffic accident report?
(A) First, please contact our main office at (303) 761-8711 to make sure that the report has been completed. Then, visit the police department to complete a records request form. Be sure to bring your photo ID when you visit the police department. There will be a small fee for each report requested.

(Q) Does a traffic accident report include phone numbers for the insurance companies?
(A) No, the traffic accident report only includes the name of the insurance company, the policy number, and the policy expiration date.

Impounded Vehicles

(Q) How do I get my vehicle out of impound?
(A) Please contact the police department at (303) 761-8711 during office hours, or dispatch anytime at (303) 795-4711, to determine if there are any police holds on your vehicle. If your vehicle is able to be released, please visit the police department at any time to complete the paperwork. Be sure to bring your id and proof of ownership, such as the registration. The police department can release the vehicle only to an individual whose name is listed on the vehicle registration.

Animal Control

(Q) Will the police department remove an animal from my property, such as a stray cat or a dead animal?
(A) No, neither the police department nor animal control can remove animals from your property. Please contact a private company.