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City of Cherry Hills Village  

Trash & Recycling

Standard Trash Removal and Recycling
Standard trash removal and recycling is contracted on an individual basis with the various private trash/recycling companies in the region.
Aerosol Cans
Use up according to label instructions, give to someone who can use it, or take to a hazardous material collection program. For small amounts: In a well-ventilated area, while standing upwind, discharge all contents of the aerosol can into a cardboard box. Allow the box to dry completely. Discard the box and empty the aerosol can into the household trash.
You can drop off appliances for free recycling at Go Recycle Now. See their website for more information.
Type Location Phone Fee
Auto batteries Firestone Store 303-761-0940 Call for informaiton
Rechargeable batteries
Ni-Cad (small, sealed, dry
cell only)
Radio Shack,
296 W. Hampden
303-761-2278 No charge
Cell Phone Recycling
Donate your old cell phones to Gateway Shelter. We have a drop off box at the Village Center.
Electronics (TV, Computer Monitors, etc)
Donate to someone who can use it, or take to a hazardous material collection program.
The City will sometimes take electronics from residents during its annual Spring Clean Up event. Click here for more information.
Eyeglass Recycling
Recycle your old eyeglasses at the Village Center. We have a Lion's Club eyeglass recycling box at our front desk.
Fluorescent Lamps
Your waste management company usually collects household quantities - check first.
Gasoline should never be poured down the drain, on the ground, or thrown in the trash. Contact Tri-County Health Department at 303-761-1340 to speak to a hazardous waste specialist.
Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement Outlets
Donate new and used building materials, including tools, furniture, appliances and more. Visit www.habitatoutlet.org for locations and information.
Liquid mercury and mercury containing devices (thermometers, thermostats, barometers, switches, relays, blood pressure gauges) - call Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 303-692-2641.
Motor Oil
Location Limit Fee
Chercker Auto Parts
275 W. Hampden Ave.
Maximum of 5 gallons/week.
Customer must dispose of old containers.
Call for information
Latex Paint
Latex paint is no longer considered a hazardous waste and may be discarded in household trash when COMPLETELY DRY AND HARD. Leave lids off the can so your waste management company can see the paint is dry. For small amounts, open can and allow to air dry. For larger amounts, add kitty litter, stir and allow to dry; or pour a thin layer (about one inch thick) of paint into a cardboard box lined with plastic. Allow to dry. Continue layering and drying one layer at a time until all the paint has been hardened.
Oil-Based Paint
Use up according to label instructions, give to someone who can use it, or take to a hazardous material collection program.
Pesticides and Herbicides
These products are poisonous to humans, pets and wildlife. They should never be burned, buried, dumped on the ground or in water, or poured down the drain. Use the product according to label directions, give leftovers to someone who can safely use them, store until it can be used, or take to a hazardous materials program.
Please call ahead to verify information Aluminum cans Newspaper All metals
King Soopers, 101 Englewood Parkway


All Recycling, 1775 W. Wesley


Check with your waste management provider




Hazardous Household Chemical Pick-Up Program
The City has contracted with Waste Management At Your Door, a special materials recycling program, to do a door-to-door recycling program for hazardous household chemicals .  To initiate a pick-up of your chemicals, visit their website at www.WMAtYourDoor.com or call them at (800) 449-7587 (M-F, 5am-5pm PST).

WM At Your Door will explain to you a number of hazardous waste pick-up options for you to consider and will help you decide which is the most economical for you. The total cost for these services range from $88.00 to $109.00. Residents are required to pay a co-payment in the amount of $20.00 upon pick-up of the chemicals by WM. The City will cover up to a maximum of $89.00 per household per year. In the event that the total cost of a resident’s pick-up exceeds $109.00 (including the $20.00 co-pay plus the City’s contribution of up to $89.00), then the remaining amount due is the responsibility of the resident to pay in advance directly to WM.

Funds for this program are limited and are on a first-come-first-serve basis. In the event that all funds are utilized for the year, the program will be suspended. The City encourages residents to work with your neighbors to pool together your hazardous chemicals to maximize the funds available for the program.

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