Gift Fund Donations

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Maintain, Enhance & Grow

Cherry Hills Village is an oasis of semi-rural living in the midst of the Denver metro area hustle and bustle. Villagers have long prized our open spaces, trails, amazing view corridors, equestrian facilities and outdoor recreation opportunities. Cherry Hills Village’s Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission is working hard to maintain, enhance and grow this system. With this in mind, and with the understanding that we need to work together to reach those goals, the Cherry Hills Village Gift Fund is being revived.


The Gift Fund was established several decades ago to respond to residents who wished to contribute specific gifts or general cash donations to better our parks and trails system. Thanks to the Gift Fund, trails have benches and trash cans and our equestrian rings have equipment that is used and appreciated by many. While some donors preferred to make a gift for a particular item, many donors choose to make a cash gift, noting that it be used in whatever manner Parks and Trails sees fit.

As we revive this tradition, the Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission wants you to know that we are appreciative of gifts and donations in any amount. Donations may be applied to a specified item, current project or collectively pooled so that together they have a greater impact on our future parks system. With our citizens' support, we can preserve what we have, enhance the outdoor experience, and make things even better for the residents of Cherry Hills.

Please join us in enhancing Cherry Hills Village. Participate with your families, neighbors, friends, clubs and businesses to make our community a truly great one. Thank you for your support.