How Can You Help?

Donations of Land

Preserving the Village’s unique, semi-rural character in the midst of urban Denver is one of Parks and Trails’ main goals. Help us grow the number of open spaces, view corridors and parks within the Village by donating space for a trail easement or open space. Please inquire with Parks and Trails about your ideas, location and plans.

Pocket Parks or Neighborhood Parks

Providing a place for trail users to sit and relax or providing a small park for neighbors to gather and children to play makes a community great. Could your neighborhood be enhanced by the addition of such a place?

Please speak with the Village Parks and Trails Administrator about how to facilitate your gift of space for everyone to enjoy.

Infrastructure Items

As we focus on ways to improve our parks and trails, you can help by donating funds to pay for benches, trash cans, drinking fountains, trees, equestrian arena needs, annual and perennial flowers to be planted at the City Center or city entrance points, and more. Any amount is appreciated.