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Public Comments

We are a Cherry Hills family with 4 kids under the age of 8. We are excited about the Alan Hutto Memorial Park and have some good ideas that we would like to share. One of our kids has special needs with some mobility issues. We think the park should be wheelchair accessible and have features at the park for our special needs kids/community. We also think a water feature where kids can play would be a great addition to the park. Our kids love going to Centennial Park and really enjoy the water features there. If our memorial park could have some sort of play/water feature area/shallow stream for the kids to use in the summer, that would be amazing. It could be an area for all families to gather and kids can play and adults can relax and enjoy watching their kids and conversing with neighbors.


I am not able to attend the May 24th meeting and I have no idea what the plans are for the park.

I would hope there will be plentiful benches... and picnic tables in an area where a lot of people can meet/eat that has overhead covering providing protection from rain and shade for the hot sun. It would also be wonderful for the commons to have a small, tiered amphitheater with a stage for community events/productions/lectures/meetings.

There also must be lighting for nighttime events. (JMP is treacherous to walk through after the annual August outdoor movie is over as people leave for their cars or to walk home with no lighting.)

Also a must is a bathroom facility of some sort.


I would like to request that a dog park and children’s playground be added in the plans for John Meade Park


As a family of 6 and long time Cherry Hills residents (25 years) we would like to see minimal build out and facilities. I don't like the idea of a restroom, parking lots, lights, etc being thought of as a benefit. Cherry Hills has always encouraged "natural" land and the thought of developing a Highlands Ranch facility takes away from what is already truly a wonderful open space.


Concepts "A" and "C" are of most preference to us but would prefer to see the performance area moved closer to Meade Lane in either iteration and see increased plantings surrounding it as to create more of a barrier to potential noise and light concerns.


I like to keep John Mead Park as natural and peaceful of now. We may save money on the park development and use it to take public works area out of city. The park is not popular in use, but it is beautiful and valuable as it is. Please keep the development minimal to maintain safe walk passage and natural green area.