Special Operations

The Cherry Hills Police Department has numerous specialized units designed to target specific crime related activities. The Department prides itself on utilizing a proactive approach in an effort to reduce crime within the city. Our specialized units provide targeted responses to significant policing concerns through the use of specialized training and resources. Specialized units within the agency include Criminal Investigations, Traffic Operations, Motorcycle Unit, and Bicycle Patrol.

Criminal Investigations Unit

Detective Abeyta provides investigative services and direct support to the uniformed officers. Our Police Technician, Nathalie Klasens, maintains the Property-Evidence Facility, processes crime scenes, and is our Public Information Officer.

Traffic/Motorcycle Unit

We have three officers who, in addition to their other duties, work motorcycle traffic enforcement at selected areas within the Village. They also provide escort duties and dignitary protection whenever those needs arise.

Traffic Hotline

The objective of the Traffic Hotline is to serve as a convenient avenue for citizens to report non-emergency traffic concerns and make requests for traffic services from the Police Department. These requests and/or reports can be anonymous in nature or citizens can provide complete contact information to us. To learn more, visit Traffic Hotline.

Bicycle Patrol

Officers will patrol portions of the Village during the year on bicycles. This is particularly effective along the Highline Canal pedestrian trail.

Highlands Ranch Training Facility

This is a jointly shared training and range facility located in Douglas County where police officers routinely train and qualify with firearms. Class rooms are available for lectures and a driving track is in the planning process for completion in the near future.

Metro Training Region

We are an active participant in the Metro Region Training Committee. This group establishes training guidelines and priorities for the expenditure of POST designated training monies in the Metro Area.