Security Alarms

Key Provisions of Code

Frequent false alarms from security systems continue to be a problem in Cherry Hills Village. Responding to false alarms diverts police resources from other more important duties. In order to promote the responsible usage of alarm systems, the City of Cherry Hills Village Municipal Code (Chapter 6, Article IV) regulates the operation of security alarm systems.

Annual Security Alarm Permit

Security Alarm Permit Application (PDF)

An annual security alarm permit is required to use a security alarm system. The current annual fee for this permit is $25 (CHV Code: 6-4-30).

Municipal Code

The City of Cherry Hills Village Municipal Code establishes false alarm response service charges.

The Following Monetary Amounts Are Charged for Responses to False Alarms:

Response Charge
First Response No Charge
Second Response No Charge
Third Response $100.00
Fourth and Each Successive Response

If There Are More than 4 False Alarms

The permit to operate any security alarm system that activates more than four (4) false alarms during any calendar year will be revoked. The alarm system will be placed on a police non-response status. The alarm ordinance also requires an alarm system location to be placed on non-response for failure to obtain a security alarm permit or a failure to pay any false alarm service charges.

While an alarm system is on a revoked/police non-response status, it is unlawful for the alarm owner to operate the system. Continued use of an alarm system while on a revoked/police non-response status will result in the user being cited into the Cherry Hills Village Municipal Court for a City Code violation (CHV Code: 6-4-130).

Alarm System Removal

An alarm system will be removed from a revoked/non-response status once the owner of the system has provided documentation that the problem causing the false alarm problem has been corrected. A $100 reinstatement fee must also be paid before the alarm location is taken off the revoked/non-response status.

Preventing False Alarms

Security alarm systems can help prevent burglaries. However, false alarms waste police resources. Most false alarms can be prevented through both the proper maintenance/repair and careful operation of the system. The Cherry Hills Village Police Department encourages Village residents to use their security alarm systems in a responsible manner.