Lakota Ride 2020

The purpose of the Lakota Ride is to create positive, healthy and long-term relationships between the Lakota People and those seeking to better understand the Lakota culture, history, and way of life, and to raise critically needed funds for projects underway on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation.  You can learn more and support the ride by going to

In years past, riders from the Lakota Ride travel on horseback from Sedalia, Colorado to Pine Ridge, South Dakota. John Meade Park in Cherry Hills Village is usually one of the stops along the way, and the riders’ arrival is a joyous community event. This year, the ride is virtual to protect everyone’s health and safety. 

From the Tipi Raiser’s website

"While nothing can come close to replacing the Horse Medicine and the experience of riding with a community over weeks and hundreds of miles we are, nonetheless, excited to bring you the Spirit of the Lakotaride to honor previous Rides and Riders and as a way to move the objectives of the Ride forward. This year, those objectives will largely center around fundraising for the Covid-19 Action Fund - as we are in the midst of witnessing all of the ways in which this pandemic is disproportionately impacting our friends on Pine Ridge. Visit our Covid-19 Action Initiative page to see how we are working to provide employment and needed food and supplies on Pine Ridge.

The Spirit of the LakotaRide will take place over the 21 days that the actual Ride was scheduled (July 11 - July 31) and will tell stories from Pine Ridge on Facebook Live, featuring horse round-up and training session, a tour of Pine Ridge, culture workshops and more!"

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Questions about this event can be directed to Emily Black, Parks and Recreation Coordinator, at