COVID-19 Building Permits Update

We are working hard to continue to provide services to you, while following social distancing protocols.  Building permit applications are still being accepted for processing through electronic submittals.

COVID-19 Code Enforcement Update

Code Enforcement staff are working remotely, but are still responding to complaints at this time.  Code enforcement issues should be reported to our Code Enforcement Hotline at (303) 783-2752 or emailed to the Code Hotline at  If you leave a message on the Code Hotline or send an email, we will respond during normal business hours.

Cherry Hills Village Community Development Department Building Permit Processing Update in Response to the Tri-County Order

Due to the Tri-County Health Order related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Cherry Hills Village is modifying services related to building permits and inspections to promote the health and safety of our community and our staff while maintaining necessary services for our residents and businesses.  The Community Development Department is implementing interim procedures that are expected to be in place through April 17, and may be extended as necessary:

Applications: Applications are still being accepted for processing through electronic submittals.  City Hall is closed to the public, and therefore no in-person applications for new permits will be accepted. If you need assistance submitting plans electronically, please call (303) 783-2721 to discuss the specifics. Please also feel free to email us at or for additional information and questions.  This includes revisions to existing permits.

Inspections Requests: Inspections are still being conducted at this time. Inspection requests are still being accepted on the call-in number at (303)783-2705, or through our online inspection request form.

Permit Collection of Fees: Payments can be made with a credit card over the phone by calling (303)783-2721. No in-person payment of fees will be accepted. Approved permits will be e-mailed, as permits cannot be picked up in person.

Inspection Procedures: Currently, inspectors are performing all inspections, including interior inspections. However, depending on the circumstances, inspectors may request that the space be reasonably vacated during the inspection window, except for emergency or life safety situations. Generally, outdoor work like footings, foundations, framing of unoccupied and separated additions, reroofing, replaced siding, replaced doors and windows not requiring access to an occupied building may be conducted while others are present.  The inspector has the authority to postpone an inspection at any time if the inspector believes the inspection would result in an unsafe situation jeopardizing their health.

Certificates of Occupancy: Certificates of Occupancy or Completion will be completed and provided by the Chief Building Official as needed, and through electronic means.