Resources for hard to Recycle Items

Pickup Services for Hard-to-Recycle Items

The following two companies serve the Cherry Hills Village area for hard-to-recycle item pickup:  

Aerosol Cans

Use up according to label instructions, give to someone who can use it, or take to a hazardous material collection program. For small amounts: In a well-ventilated area, while standing upwind, discharge all contents of the aerosol can into a cardboard box. Allow the box to dry completely. Discard the box and empty the aerosol can into the household trash.


Western Metal Recycling accepts most large appliances for scrap. 


Batteries Plus
8601 W. Cross Dr.
Littleton, CO 80123
Notes: Accepts rechargeable batteries and lead-acid batteries. No fees for small quantities. Call for fees and details.

Electronics (TV, Computer Monitors, etc.)

Blue Star Recyclers

953 Decatur St, Suite C, Denver, CO 80204 
The City will sometimes take electronics from residents during its annual Spring Clean Up event. Click here for more information.

Eyeglass Recycling

Recycle your old eyeglasses at the Village Center. We have a Lion's Club eyeglass recycling box at our front desk.

Fluorescent Lamps

Your waste management company usually collects household quantities - check first.


Gasoline should never be poured down the drain, on the ground, or thrown in the trash. Contact Arapahoe County Health Department at 303-795-4584 to speak to a hazardous waste specialist.


Restaurant Technologies in Denver and SustainAbility in Arvada both accept used cooking oil. 

Habitat for Humanity Home Improvement Outlets

Donate new and used building materials, including tools, furniture, appliances and more. Visit Habitat for Humanity website for locations and information.


Spring Back Colorado accepts mattresses for recycling - pickup is available. 


Liquid mercury and mercury containing devices such as barometers, blood pressure gauges, relays, switches, thermometers, and thermostats: to find a recycling location, visit

Motor Oil

Most automotive parts stores collect used motor oil for disposal, including: Advance, AutoZone, Napa, and O'Reilly. 

Paint Recycling

Visit to find a convenient drop-off location to recycle paint. 

Pesticides and Herbicides

These products are poisonous to humans, pets and wildlife. They should never be burned, buried, dumped on the ground or in water, or poured down the drain. Use the product according to label directions, give leftovers to someone who can safely use them, store until it can be used, or take to a hazardous materials program.