Xcel Energy Projects

Tree Trimming

Xcel is in process of trimming trees throughout the Village within their utility easements. The City is not involved in the tree trimming. Please contact Tom Ashburn at 303-671-3901 with any questions or concerns.

Xcel has the following information on their website regarding tree trimming:

  • If you have been notified of tree pruning in your area or would like to know about which wires Xcel Energy trims around, as well as tree pruning and removal information, learn more from our tree pruning brochure.
  • Trees growing near power lines must be trimmed by utility line clearance professionals.
  • Xcel Energy attempts to maintain trees every three to five years to help prevent power outages. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved a trimming standard for utility tree maintenance known as "natural directional pruning," which is the method our vegetation management experts follow. For many years running, the National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized us with the Tree Line USA award for our tree maintenance program.

Planting Trees

Of course no tree trimming or removal is necessary if the right tree is planted in the right place initially.

"V" Trim

If the tree is planted directly under power lines, its branches will be trimmed in the center of the tree, creating a "V" shape. The entire branches are removed to help the tree grow away from the lines rather than directly into them.

"Side" Trim

A side trim is done when only a side portion of the tree is growing into the power lines. When a side trim is necessary, even pruning properly around power lines can leave trees with an unnatural appearance. In some cases, it may be better to remove the tree and start over with a more compatible tree.