Business Licenses

License Requirements

According to Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code, every person must obtain a license from the City before operating, conducting, or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business with a physical store front within the City (zone C-2). The exceptions to these requirements are nonprofit state corporations and federal, state or municipal corporations. 

Businesses that do not have a physical store front within the City are not required to obtain a business license. Licenses must be renewed annually.

Businesses Currently Within the City of Cherry Hills Village Limits

  • Caribou Coffee
  • Cherry Hills Sushi Co
  • One2One Studio Salon
  • Pino's Pizzeria
  • South Philly Cheese Steaks

Obtaining a Business License

Please contact the City Clerk's office for information about obtaining a business licenses.

Renewing a Business License

The City Clerk will send all businesses an annual renewal letter with instructions on how to renew your business license.

Operating a Business from a Residence

View the City's Municipal Code Section 16-2-710 regarding home occupations.

Sales Tax

Find information about sales tax.

Medical & Retail Marijuana

The City Council of Cherry Hills Village passed Ordinance 24, Series 2010 at their regular meeting on September 21, 2010, prohibiting certain uses related to medical marijuana in the City. They passed Ordinance 2, Series 2013 at their regular meeting on January 15, 2013, prohibiting retail marijuana establishments. Please review the ordinances for more information.