Plea By Mail Information

Option to Plea-By-Mail

If your charge does not require a mandatory court appearance, the Municipal Court's office may mail you a plea-by-mail letter to the address listed on the citation (to update your address information, contact the Municipal Court Clerk at 303-783-2720). 

Opportunity to Reduce Points

This letter will offer a reduction of points and will list your fine amount. If you would like to accept the plea-by-mail, sign and date the accompanied form and mail it back with your payment by the date indicated in the letter. Checks should be made payable to City of Cherry Hills Village.  

Plea Refusal

If you do not wish to accept the plea, call the Municipal Court Clerk at 303-783-2720 or email to schedule a court appearance. Please be aware that if you appear in court, your fine may increase because the Municipal Court Judge will add $25 for court costs and surcharges.