2014 Municipal Election


The City of Cherry Hills Village held its regular municipal election as a coordinated election with Arapahoe County on Tuesday November 4, 2014.

View Cherry Hills Village Official Election Results November 4, 2014 (PDF).



  • Doug Tisdale
  • Laura Christman

Council District 2

  • Earl Hoellen
  • Maria Mendelsberg

Council District 4

  • Mike Gallagher
  • Lisa Pinto

Council District 6

  • Jim Turner
  • Katy Brown

Ballot Measures

The City Council placed two questions on the ballot through Resolution 13, Series 2014 (PDF) and Ordinance 5, Series 2014 (PDF) .

Ballot Question 2F  

Read a factual summary of ballot question 2F (PDF) 

Shall the City of Cherry Hills Village, without increasing taxes by this measure, and to restore local authority that was denied to local governments by the Colorado General Assembly and foster a more competitive marketplace, be authorized to provide high-speed internet, including improved high bandwidth services based on new technologies, telecommunications services, and/or cable television services to residents, businesses, schools, libraries, non-profit entities and other users of such services either directly or indirectly with public or  private sector partners, as expressly permitted by Article 27, Title 29 of the Colorado Revised Statutes?

Yes ______
No ______

Ballot Question 2G

Shall the following sections of the City of Cherry Hills Village Home Rule Charter be amended such that the organizational meeting of the City Council will be held in January following each regular City election to read as follows by deleting the language shown as strike-through and adding the language shown as underlined:

Section 3.3. Mayor Pro Tem

A Mayor Pro Tem shall be elected by the Council from its own membership at the first organizational meeting following each biennial election or an adjournment thereof. The Mayor Pro Tem shall serve until the Council organizational meeting following the next regular City election, and shall act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor. In the event of absence or disability of both the Mayor and the Mayor Pro Tem, the Council shall designate another of its members to serve as Acting Mayor during such absence or disability. Any Mayor Pro Tem or Acting Mayor, while serving as such, shall retain all powers granted herein to Councilmen members.

Section 3.7. Council Meetings

The Council shall meet regularly at least once each month at a day and hour and place to be fixed by the rules and proceedings of each Council. The Council shall prescribe the rules of procedure governing meetings. All regular and special meetings of the Council shall be open to the public, and citizens and employees shall have a reasonable opportunity to be heard. An organizational meeting shall be held on the Monday at the first Council meeting in January following each regular City election. Four members of the Council shall constitute a quorum. Written minutes of the proceedings of each meeting shall be kept by the Clerk and signed by the Mayor.

Section 6.1. Time of Appointment

At its first organizational meeting after each regular City election, the Council shall appoint the officials hereinafter enumerated in this Article with the powers and duties herein specified. Such appointments shall be at the pleasure of the Council, at such compensation as the Council may by resolution from time to time establish.

Yes ______
No ______